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About the Cover

OUR COVER PHOTO shows examples of separations observed on the fracture surface of a DWTT (top) and FSBT (middle and bottom). The illustration is taken from the paper by Davis et al. which starts on p 313.

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The Journal of Pipeline Engineering has been accepted by the Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) to be part of the Scopus database and to be included in the SciVerse Scopus index. It has also been accepted for inclusion in the Norwegian Social Science Data Services Register for Scientific Journals (http://www.nsd.uib.no), accreditation for which is led by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (http://www.uhr.no).

Current Issue
A guide to mentoring staff
Author: Michelle Unger
Secondary authors: Dr Phil Hopkins
Identification of a unique geometry that contributed to pipeline ratcheting: numerical and metallurgical findings
Author: David B. Futch
Secondary authors: Dr Melanie Sarzynski, and Brent A. Vyvial
A probabilistic method for prioritizing repairs following an ILI crack tool run
Author: Dr Ted Anderson
Secondary authors: Jim Andrew, and Jason Moritz
Onset and susceptibility to separations in modern high strength line pipe steels
Author: Dr Guillaume Michal
Secondary authors: Dr Bradley Davis, Prof. Cheng Lu, C.Y.Huo and Prof. Frank Barbaro
Optimising corrosion growth predictions from ILI data using Bayesian inference
Author: Michael Smith
Secondary authors: Jonathan Martin, Matthias Peussner, and Katherine Taylor
A detailed comparison of separation characteristics between laboratory-scale fracture tests and a full-scale burst test
Author: Dr Bradley J. Davis
Secondary authors: Dr Guillaume Michal, Prof. Cheng Lu, and Prof. Valerie Linton
Converting existing natural gas pipelines to hydrogen transport: state-of-the-art
Author: Victoria Monsma
Secondary authors: Wytze Sloterdijk
Analysis of ILI vendor performance on Enable Midstream’s pipeline system
Author: Joel Anderson


After 17 years of continuous publication, with great sadness we announce that the December, 2018, issue is the last-ever edition of the Journal of Pipeline Engineering.

The JPE is being closed down due to declining readership and other circumstances outside our control.

We are grateful to the readers who have remained with us, and we hope that they have found value in our achievements.

The JPE site will remain online until 31 March, 2019.

John Tiratsoo
Great Southern Press
PO Box 6609
Eastleigh SO50 0NT, UK

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