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  Title Structural behaviour of dented NPS30 X-70 pipe under operating pressure
  Author(s) Dr Hossein Ghaednia and Sara Y Kenno  
  Abstract MECHANICAL DAMAGE TO buried pipes is an inevitable occurrence found by the oil and gas industry. In order to manage the thousands of kilometres of pipeline across Canada, it is necessary to obtain accurate predictions for the operating stability of a damaged pipe sections. Six full-scale specimens of NPS30 X-70 pipe with dent defects were tested in the laboratory and a parametric study was completed using finite-element analysis. Three parameters were investigated in all specimens: internal (operating) pressure, dent depth (d/D) in the pipe wall, and the diameter to thickness ratio (D/t). Both the circumferential and longitudinal directions of strain and the location of the maximum strain values were examined. All three parameters were found to affect the maximum strain values in both the circumferential and longitudinal directions. The full details of all experimental and numerical specimens are summarized and presented in this paper.  
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