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  Title Closing the generational gap
  Author(s) Jerry Rau and Jane Rau  
  Abstract THE GREAT CREW CHANGE is upon us. According to the Center of Energy Workforce Development, the average age of the workforce in the pipeline industry is 49 [1]. The US Department of Labor predicts that up to 50% of the current energy workforce will retire in five to ten years [2]. It has been predicted by some industry managers that it takes two to five years to become familiar with the industry and another ten or more years to take on a leadership position. Pipeline operators, who depend on skilled, long- term, workers, are feeling the pinch. As valuable people walk out your door, valuable knowledge leaves with them. Often that knowledge isn't encoded in documentation produced on the job, so how companies transfer and manage this hand- off is critical to their ongoing success. This paper will describe the processes used to identify and prioritize critical organizational knowledge and the need to transfer that knowledge among the representative generational groups. There are several approaches to transferring knowledge, through every generational transition from Baby Boomers to Millennials, and these methods will be described. We will discuss how to create a work environment that fosters knowledge sharing between generations, strategies to address different working styles while reducing employee tension and improving productivity, and finally methods to incorporate knowledge transfer into training programmes.  
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