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  Title Hydrogen-induced-cracking prediction software
  Author(s) Dr Abderrazak Traidia, Mohammed Shibly Kaamil-Ur-Rahman, Abdulrahman Qatani, and Mohammed Abufour  
  Abstract THE PRESENT WORK DISCUSSES the development and capabilities of an engineering software developed by Saudi Aramco for the prediction of the growth rate of linear hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) in pipelines and plant vessel steel. Using a mechanistic HIC model, the first software prototype – named ProHIC – has been developed and laboratory validated. This first prototype is being deployed to field engineers for testing on practical field cases in view of improving the prediction accuracy. The completion of this first version demonstrates that a mechanistic modelling approach for HIC is feasible and can provide conservative crack-growth-rate estimates, provided that a strategy is in place for collecting critical model input parameters. This work also emphasizes the need to include in future developments the coalescence of multiple HICs into through-thickness step-wise cracking (SWC), as well as the laboratory measurement of in-plane fracture toughness in a hydrogen environment, for common steel grades used for pipelines and plant vessels.  
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