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Issue Contents


       Vol. 16
Rational test pressure levels for mitigating the pipe-manufacturing-defect integrity threat in natural gas pipelines Michael J Rosenfeld
Hydrogen-induced-cracking prediction software Dr Abderrazak Traidia
Assessment of residual stress, hardness, and defect tolerance in a tee joint, as-welded and after post-weld heat treatment Dr Michael Law
“We’re still hitting things”: the effectiveness of third-party processes for pipeline strike prevention Dr Vanessa McDermott
Preparing to transfer and accept the duty of care Eric Lang
Closing the generational gap Jerry Rau

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO shows work under way in Northern Greece in January on pipelaying for the 48-in diameter, 878-km long, Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). By the end of 2016, TAP had completed the first phase of road infrastructure rehabilitation in Albania, comprising the upgrade of approximately 58km of access roads, construction of two new bridges, and refurbishment of 40 others. (Photo courtesy of Trans Adriatic Pipeline.)
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