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Issue Contents


       Vol. 17
Guest editorial: Toughness and integrity of electric welded (EW) pipe seam welds
Contrasting the failure behaviour of high vs low frequency ERW seams Dr Brian Leis
Characterizing the fracture resistance of ERW seams Dr Brian Leis
Analysis of welded line pipes toughness response to different seam heat treatments Dr Martín Valdez
Longitudinal weld characteristics of HFW linepipe and its fracture performance Dr Satoshi Igi
Ultrasonic inspection for scattered oxides in ERW pipe welds Dr Yukinori Iizuka
Toughness of EW pipe seam welds: fractography and fracture path observations on Charpy-V-notch impact specimens from contemporary pipe steels Dr Su Xu
The competency standard manual for pipeline integrity management Michelle Unger

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO is a reproduction of Fig.2 from the paper by Coloschi et al., on pages 183-194. It shows the microstructures of the steels under analysis (described in the paper) in the as-milled condition. The white arrows indicate the steel rolling direction in each micrograph.
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