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Issue Contents


       Vol. 17

Longitudinal stress in buried pipelines near bends or end caps Dr Fan Zhang
External loads on buried steel pipelines: 3D finite element simulation Abdinasir Mohamed
Guidelines for investigating failures of external FBE coatings on buried pipelines Dr A.M.El-Sherik
Evaluation of an empirical model to predict maximum pitting corrosion rate in wet sour crude transmission pipelines T.Villette
Techniques for the enhanced assessment of pipeline dents Jane Dawson
Finding and assessing the severity of interacting threats using ILI Jane Dawson
Detecting and quantifying pipeline displacement using ILI - a case study Nishant Sasi Philip

About the Cover
OUR COVER PHOTO is taken from the paper on
pages105-115, and shows an instance of FBE coating
enbrittlement. Solutions to this, and other FBE coating
problems, are discussed in the paper.
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